Biography: Tom Kerwin


"My goal in the fine arts is to convey “the essence of Canada” through traditional Canadian landscapes with a new spirit."
Artist Tom Kerwin was born in Chicago in 1943 and immigrated to Canada with his family. At the age of fourteen, Tom started painting with the well-respected portrait artist Prynce Nesbitt from St. Catharines, Ontario. He also tutored with Mr. W. Harrish, a landscape artist from Hungary. Mr. Harrish had a great influence on Tom, tips and pointers that in his later years would help him master his oil technique. 
It was not until Tom was in his late teens that his father saw the need for a more formal art training program and enrolled him in the commercial art course at the renowned Central Tech Art School in Toronto. It was there that he was privileged to study under Doris McCarthy, now a famous painter that links back to Canada's Group of Seven. He also studied at The Ontario College of Art and Ryerson for photographic Arts 
After 27 years in the Commercial and Graphic Arts field, Tom's passion turned to the fine arts. Continuing the tradition of capturing the beauty and spirit of Canada, Tom makes many trips up to Georgian Bay and Algonquin to photograph, study and paint. Tom's goal in the fine arts is to convey "the essence of Canada" - traditional Canadian landscapes with a new spirit.