Biography: Mila Kovac

Born in Bogovici, a small village in the mountains of Bosnia, Mila's lifelong interest in art began at the age of five. Mila received the fundamentals of her art training in Europe in her early years.

Married in 1969 in Sarajevo, Mila immigrated to Canada in 1973. After raising her family, she picked up her paint brush again. Mila's education involved many art classes and schools of teaching, but trial and error and painting every day for almost 25 years has been the strongest influence on her painting style. Over the years, her work has become increasingly colourful and her paintings have included a variety of styles and textures.

In recent years, Kovac has expanded on her comfort zone by painting on large canvases that have allowed her to vary her brush strokes. Mila's work has been described as having a crisp, direct approach, with bold strokes and a fearless use of colour. Her paintings are a product of her passion for nature, which starts in her own garden. Her work has included still life, large florals, gardens, landscapes, and treescapes, especially birch forests and woodlands, but now Mila is mostly known for her striking large floral paintings.

Over the years of her rich painting career, Mila has had numerous one person shows and has participated in many shows with her fellow artists. Mila's work is appreciated in many private and corporate collections all over Canada and the world. Mila's love of painting flowers is best reflected by the quote, "Like the soul of an Angel, I want the flower to live forever."

Below is an example of the texture typical of Kovac's work.