Biography: Artist: Peter Chung

Chung paints houses to represent people. The houses always have small windows as eyes and without doors to signify modern man's need for privacy.

Two houses are characterized as lovers with big and small houses as families and many houses as relatives and friends.

The painting with many houses suggests people living in harmony with one another, with two houses, suggests lovers and having one house, shadowing the other, as a sign of willingness to sacrifice for love. A rewarding light shines on the houses to represent a blessing for their true love and celebration of happy life!

The paintings are usually based on a stage setting design. Sometimes with a dark and disturbed background to suggest turmoil in life that we have to face in order to grow stronger; other times a peaceful background with graphics representing memories of the "houses" framed as photos; sparkles are energies they emit because of their happy mode, sometimes forming a firework to let the world share their happiness, or building a protective dome to ensure themselves to be together forever!