Biography: Artist: Julie Hawkins

Julie Hawkins has a passion for bold statements and vibrant colours. She currently resides in Woodstock, Ontario after graduating from Humber College in Interior Design. She had a career in design for over 5 years but left to pursue her art as she felt the creative satisfaction was lost in long projects.

Her focus is on colour in order to envelope the viewer in the mixture of pattern, shape and texture in her artwork. She incorporates music in the creation of her artwork, and all her works are named after song titles or lyrics.

Her abstract paintings have been in exhibitions in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, New York City and Los Angeles. Her work can be found in private collections internationally.

Artist Statement

People often tell me that my paintings make them happy. I don’t think I am always the bubbly happy person they expect me to be (ask my husband?); however, the act of painting brings me great joy. I believe that joy is what comes across to the viewer. I am fascinated by making something beautiful out of nothing. A wonderful, colourful, inspiring piece of art was just a blank canvas in the beginning. My passion lies in colour, texture, and pattern. Each of these elements has an infinite range of values to be explored. Every painting I do is an experiment in the tints, shades, and combinations of colour, along with rough, thick, thin, and smooth textures, and the patterns and shapes that create the aesthetic I am looking for.

I like to think of art as a language, much like music, that speaks to people. There really is no explanation for why we love some songs and not others, why some make us dance, some make us cry. There is magic in Abstract Expressionism that parallels that magic in music. I am so thankful for the talented musicians who inspire me every day. Each painting is named after a song title or lyrics as a tribute.