Biography: Artist: Laurie Skantzos

 Laurie Skantzos gathers inspiration from the natural world and relates this in her abstract and representational works. She studied fine art at the University of Waterloo and now works from her home studio in Guelph.

She is often included in shows such as the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition and the Toronto Artist Project. Her award-winning work can be found in private and public collections in North America, Europe and Asia.

Artist Statement

"When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you... a joy" Rumi

I asked myself, "Can I feel the motion of my river?" This is an important question in everyday life, but I believe that the act of painting... putting marks on a surface, really allows me to delve into that feeling. Or not. If I feel myself getting lost in my head while I paint, I indulge it for a while. But what I'm really seeking is that juiciness and depth of feeling that the river movement delivers. Sometimes pleasantly meandering, other times churning and heaving. Always pointing the way towards what I need to examine, delve into and accept. The head reasons while the heart holds the key to soul expression. My painting is a visual history of fluctuation.