Biography: Artist: Darlene Kulig

Darlene Kulig is an artist of shape, colour and vibrancy: each painting’s inspiration from various sources of Canadian nature and landscape.

Her passion for art began as a child and as she grew older, her skill developed. She often drew people, buildings; even the Breck Girls from shampoo fame were her drawing muse. One of these drawings earned her a scholarship to Ontario Collage of Art and Design. After a 4-year program, she began her own design studio, where she worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years.

Part of her inspiration to start into the world of fine art was her close friend Cynthia Steljes, who passed away early in her career. Before her death Cynthia always encouraged and motivated Kulig to continue her art career. It was her legacy and memory that had pushed Kulig to continue on as an artist. Darlene would often draw Cynthia’s clothing while in grief; one of the drawings was entered into a juried art show and was the start of Kulig’s fine art career.

She has become an award-winning artist, having won CSEA/Berol Prismacolour National Art Scholarship and design awards in both Canada and the United States. Many of her pieces are inspired by everyday life. An example would be the “champagne bubbles” in her more recent works, which had been inspired by a Champagne Café in Vienna.

Kulig pieces often start with photographs, and then are drawn out on the canvas with a dark sienna background before adding green pastel to lighten colours and bring more vibrancy to the piece. She has traveled extensively, gaining inspiration from not only the memory of Cynthia but from nature, champagne, and the many places she has traveled to. The artwork she does is very precise and stylized in its design. Darlene is even aspiring to have a very distinct “Kulig” Canadian landscape style.